Online Business Ideas


Online Business Ideas

Writing this article about online business ideas is itself a business idea. We are blessed with unlimited opportunities available “online” for us. Here on “Trends Top Five”, I would like to discuss the top five online business ideas that use the enormous scope of the internet and different ways to earn money through various online platforms.

Online business is not a magic that you can do overnight. It needs dedication, information, and patience to see your first income.

There are two types of online businesses. 1) In the first type, you can earn by using only your computer/laptop, internet, and ideas in your brain. 2) In the second type you need other physical resources but you can get your customer online. This article is about the first type where you don’t need other physical resources. I will discuss type two in my next article.

Top five reasons to do online business:

  1. Need very limited resources
  2. Doesn’t require much capital
  3. Easy to start as a part-time business
  4. More chances to make your hobby as your career
  5. You can start this business from tomorrow

Top five online business ideas

1. Blogging


Blogging is growing day by day and you can use it to earn money. It gives you the option to voice your choices. Choice of education, career, food, traveling, fashion, etc, there is nothing about which you can’t write. Everyone has something that he or she can share with the world. So if you think you can’t write or you don’t have content is not at all an excuse. You can write about anything in any language so lots of options are out there you just need to select your niche.

Now how to earn money with blogging? Having good and search engine optimized content is necessary to earn money through blogging. This online business idea has lots of potentials where you earn by using Google AdSense. Google pays you when someone clicks on the ad posted by Google. You can earn by affiliate program by sharing advertisements of particular products or services.

2. YouTube


YouTube and online businesses have a very strong connection. People have earned a good amount of money through this platform. You can say it’s a video blog where people see new information but its audience reach is more than the written blogs. It is a very good platform for artists and techies to share their art and knowledge and get paid for the same.

Creating a channel with good information is a must. If you choose a general topic that already has other 10-15 videos would not get that many views. Views are very important because the more views you get more ads will display and you start to earn. So select a good and trending topic, make good quality videos and upload on YouTube. Ask people to subscribe your channel. You can earn by affiliate program as well.

3. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing

Amazon, Flipkart, eBay, etc sites pay some commission if they get any customer because of your affiliate marketing. Here you have to share a link given by your affiliate partner and have to share it on your blog, social media profile or website. Whenever someone clicks that link, it will be redirected to that particular site and if that person buys anything then some percentage of an amount is transferred to your account.

You always have to say something about the product you bought, maybe positive or maybe negative. You can use this habit of giving reviews can be used to write reviews or do a comparison between products where you can also share advertisement of that product and earn through it. Solo affiliate partners are also available who pays to display their advertisement.

4. Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Do you know how to get followers on social media? Do you like to spend hours and hours on social media? If your answer is yes then make it your full-time job as a freelancer. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc, sites are a very strong platform to get leads and convert them as end customers. Social media is a need of the business today hence companies hire social media specialists and spend a good amount of money to expand their network.

Get yourself registered with websites like and get clients for yourself. Get clarity on what charges you should take from companies or individuals who hire you and start your online work from home today!

5. Content writing

Content Writer

Is it different from blogging? The answer is both yes and no.

A blog is all yours where you can write about any topic you like but when you get hired to write content, You have to write about a specific topic. You have to write covering that topic only. But like blogging here also you need to take care that the content is good and search engine optimized. Companies hire content writers for website content, social media content, magazine content, etc. Some companies hire content writers to write a blog about the company, its products, or services.

If you are good at writing then go for it. Get register on, develop a network through LinkedIn and now you are ready to take orders and start your online business.

To run all these options as successful business both hard and smart work is required and most importantly you have to learn details about SEO i.e. search engine optimization.

So these are the top five online business ideas that are easy to start and you don’t need specific education for that. You just have to spend time on the internet to learn these things. There are online courses available where you can learn if you want. YouTube videos provide you all the required information and definitely, books like given below are a very good source to learn tactics of online business.