There is always stress at work; whether you have a private job or government job, high paid job or job with a less pay; in this competitive world stress is there waiting for you in any kind of work or business at all levels. So how to handle stress at your work? You will get many answers online from websites, blogs, forums or else you can get a help from a doctor or a psychologist. Today in Trends Top Five, I am going to write my way of handling stress!

1. The causes of stress

As I mentioned stress can happen to anyone, it doesn’t come to you by looking at your profile. For example, in an IT department, you have to work on the timelines that cause stress. Similarly, in a sales job the senior manager has stressed to get work done from his subordinates where the executives who are working at ground level has a stress to directly dealing with customers. The R&D departments as the name suggest their results are always depended on the R&D! Even the office boys have their own share of stress at work. At each level, every one of us faces a stressed situation.

Following are some of the reasons that cause stress.


Everyone has a limit to take any pressure. Especially when it comes to pressure at work, people start thinking or rather questioning what am I not able to do it due to lack of skill or maybe lack of time? Is it worth to take that much pressure?! This negative energy flowing within a person create a stress at work?


It creates lots of emotions in your mind that leads to confusion. Confusion makes you think again & again. You could be thinking about the type of the work, timelines, office politics or about anything, overthinking will make you stressed.

Emotionally weak:

It is very important to be emotionally strong at your workplace otherwise you have to face the consequences. If you are not emotionally strong then it is very hard to survive in the highly competitive world! It can take you to have emotional breakdowns and lots of stress.

Low self-esteem: 

Self-esteem is all about knowing your worth.  If your self-esteem is low and you cannot think positive about yourself or you cannot understand your potential then the stress is waiting for you.

Loss of self-respect:

Getting insulted at the workplace or not getting a type of work that shows your potential would harm your self-respect which results in stress.



2. Symptoms of Stress

  • Insomnia
  • Lack of interest in anything
  • Mood-swings
  • Lack of concentration
  • A headache
  • Pain in chest
  • Increased blood pressure
  • Rapid heartbeats
  • Pain in body

3. Stress affects health

When you are in a situation where you feel helpless, at that time you either fight or fright. You feel like giving it back and fight or you want to run away. In both the situations, the nervous system secretes hormones like adrenaline and cortisol due to which your body increases the intake of oxygen and glucose hence the blood pressure and blood sugar level increases!

Other than that muscle pain, cholesterol, headache, lack of sleep, hair loss, dry skin, constipation, problems in the reproductive system and weak immune system, etc are some of the examples of stress affecting your health.


4. Effect of work stress on personal life

No time for family:

You get occupied at work and due to that you cannot give time to a family which results in family members getting upset with you and that would definitely irritate you.

Lack of productive discussions: 

When you are not able to think properly because your body and mind don’t allow you to do so then you do not wish to participate actively in the discussions that take place in the family or with friends.

zero involvement:

You don’t feel like participating or getting involved in the family functions, get together which takes you away from your own people

Irritation or anger:

You might start getting angry at anything and everything.


When you keep away yourself from the society, family, friends then your emotional support collapse and the loneliness follows you!


5. How to handle stress at work?

Think positive:

There is no remedy for thinking positive. We listen to the filmy dialogues saying the same but it is actually true that when you feel positive the positive energy helps you to handle the stress.

Do Exercise:

Exercise is a must option to live a healthy life. As they say, Health is Wealth! Exercise gives you the mental power to handle the stress. You do not need to join the gym, A 45 min walk can make wonders if you do it regularly. Chanting “Om” mantra would also help you get mental strength.


If you want to get out of that stressed situation then talk! Talk to the people around you, talk to your family, talk to yourself! Self-analysis is very important in this case. If the phase after this stress is going to make happy then you should think about the success that you are going to get later and if there is no such thing then find better options to work.

If anything is going wrong then talk to your superiors about it. Do not keep things to yourself. Keeping your feelings within blocks your mind. Hence share your problems with your loved once or seek help from doctors.

Plan your day:

Planning helps you keep moving. Plan your day, plan month, plan a year! Planning about your personal goal and professional helps you to find a path going towards the achievement of the goals. It is not very difficult if you decide to take it as an everyday exercise and would definitely reduce the stress at work.

Find strengths: 

Everybody has some or other strengths. Find out your strengths, those things that you can do easily. Work on your weaknesses. Take help from others and overcome your weaknesses.


So, tell yourself that I am happy and my life is beautiful. Ignore the factors that cause stress. Work sincerely, so the pressure would not come at the last moment.  If you keep stress with you it is going to destroy you one day so keep it away.  Be confident! Stay Happy and stay healthy!

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