Online Business Opportunities In India

This is my second article about online business opportunities. These online business opportunities are growing day by day. I don’t mind saying that online business is the present and it can take over all the traditional businesses in near future. In my first article Online Business Ideas, I have explained about top five online business ideas that need very few resources, but in this article of “Trends Top Five,” we are going to discuss top five online business opportunities which need strong online presence as well as very organized offline operations.

Online platform helped businesses to expand their reach to every part of the world. Buying & selling of products & services from all over the world were never been so easy. Like my other articles this one also has those ideas which are easy to understand and implement. These 5 businesses mentioned below are like those 10 fast food outlets on the busy street where every outlet has its own customer and profit share but the customer also has 10 options to discover the variety so they can get the best deal!

All these businesses need a good and interactive website that can allow huge traffic. To know how to set up company kindly read consultancy set up from my previous article Business Ideas for Entrepreneurs in India and I will discuss online marketing for these businesses in my next article.

Top five online business opportunities

1. E-store

Starting e-commerce website doesn’t mean that you have to create a megastore like Amazon or Flipkart. Before starting an e-store, you have to select the products you want to sell. It could be anything from grocery to apparel to photographs to furniture, etc. If you have manufacturing plant and you want to sell your own products online then this deal is more profitable than taking commission between buying and selling. So if you are going to be the third-party then select products wisely by doing good market research and identifying the need of the customer.

In this business opportunity, you can think about selling apparel, accessories, footwear, grocery, cosmetics, antiques, electronics, books, sports stuff, etc

Online business opportunities – Key offline points:

  1. Inventory of goods: Make sure you have a good location and enough space for storage
  2. Logistics: Do tie-ups with transportation services and courier services
  3. Tie-ups: Tie-ups with manufacturers, wholesalers and distributes
  4. Delivery: Get the products delivered on time to the customers
  5. Complain management: Manage complains about a broken product, wrong products, refund etc

Top five online business opportunities


2. Tours & Travelling

People in India love to travel whether it’s in India or overseas. Tourism is one of the largest service industries in India. You offer your customer best package deal and customer is all yours. Though it is a complex service having so many different people and services involved in it, this business assures you to earn good margins as well. You can start with local tours, get experience, develop contacts and then go national & international

Online business opportunities – Key offline points:

  1. Hotel tie-ups: Get a good hotel on board with the best deal
  2. Transportation tie-ups: Tie up with cabs, buses, railways, airways, etc
  3. Tie up with travel agents: Working with travel agents gets you more customers
  4. Customer experience: Make customer return to you by making them feel special on the journey
  5. VISA procedures for overseas tours: Get the documentation clarity to make the process smooth

Top five online business opportunities

3. Real Estate

Real estate is a major sector in India. You need strong network and sales skill to start this business. Once you get absorbed in this business then there is no way looking back. This business opportunity is huge but before entering into this business, you should take the experience of this sector and join any real estate company or agency. You should also be clear with licensing part. There are some exams that you can take to get regulatory state agency.

Online business opportunities – Key offline points:

  1. New properties registration: People like to see many options before investing huge amount. Hence is important to first register many options
  2. Registration of properties for rent/lease: Keep on getting properties for rent and lease
  3. Tie up with agents: Major part of this business is in hands of agents and brokers, do tie up with them
  4. Good staff to show the properties: Employee who shows the property should be well-informed about area, facility and real estate market.
  5. Agreement procedures: As mentioned above learn basics of licensing and agreements before entering into this business

Top five online business opportunities

4. Matrimonial Services

India having various religions and caste systems and differences between cultures prefers arranged marriages. Hence this business opportunity is a very good option if you are interested in understanding of relationships. Start with your family and friends to understand your capability to communicate and getting both parties communicating with each other. People are willing to pay to get a good life partner. Hence helping them and getting them served with a good income is a good business option.

Online business opportunities – Key offline points:

  1. Get registration for groom & bride: First by advertisement get candidates on the website
  2. Verified profiles: This business is directly related to life, hence it is important to verify an identity of the client
  3. Personal touch with a client: Involvement with the client is extremely important in this business
  4. Control on fake accounts: People looking for casual dating may try to give fake information, so you need to have a control
  5. Strong mediators: Understanding both the parties and exchanging their perspective about each other is tough job hence you need someone with that maturity and experience

Top five online business opportunities

5. Job Portals

This online business opportunity is in demand. India being a populated country creates competition between candidates to get a perfect job. Job portals help candidates to discover various opportunities available for them in a corporate world and in the same way companies hire candidates with required competencies from any part of the country. Networking is very important in this business; you cannot succeed without networking in this business.

Online business opportunities – Key offline points:

  1. Tie up with companies: To attract candidates you have to get companies on board first
  2. Register candidates: Get more and more candidates on your site with the help of marketing
  3. Tie up with consultancies: consultancies are very important as they have their human resource working to achieve the same goal
  4. Counseling staff: It is useful in order to guide candidates who are confused about their career. You can also introduce paid resume writing services with such a staff
  5. Job Fairs: It is not necessary but it will help you to get data from many candidates

These business opportunities are not for them who thinks the internet will do all the hard work. Here you have to put your blood and sweat to get the results. It may take 1 to 2 years to get your break-even point according to your business type, its reach, and location. In all above businesses, you will earn whenever the transaction happen. Designing different packages, selecting prices for different products and services plays a vital role as it decides whether you can attract the end customer or not. Other than these transactions you can also earn with Google Adsense and affiliate marketing. To know about these methods please visit Make money online.

***If you are confused about your skills and interests and would like to know your expertise then let me know, I have some scientific methods to find out your suitable career. Write me below and I will get back to you.

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    There are a hell lot of opportunities to stabilize yourself in the online industry. But one needs to have a clear vision towards it. It could be a testing zone in the initial period but consistently delivering the Quality could bring up the success in no time. Although nothing should be expected overnight.

    You have described great opportunities to go with, although my personal interests are in setting up multiple e-commerce stores to get the passive income…
    Thanks, have a great day ahead

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