Summer Makeup Tips 2018

Do you look around and see smudged kohl, patchy skin, and smeared lipstick? Does that make you cringe and stay away from makeup?
Well, all you makeup-lovers out there, don’t let the heat beat you this summer. Rather, overpower yourself and do your makeup with all the grace. Even though the temperatures are shooting up, even though the sweat and humidity are overwhelming your patience, don’t give up on makeup.
Here’s providing you five summer makeup tips that have been highly recommended by renowned makeup artists.

Top Five Summer Makeup Tips

1) Exfoliation is a must

This makeup tip for summers never fails to work. Every day, as we sweat and burn, layers of impurities, dirt, and oil accumulates on our skin. It is highly essential that we remove these layers of gunk before applying even more makeup. Not only will it help prevent breakouts but also provide a smoother base for further application of makeup.

2) Use BB or CC cream.

Many YouTubers consider this as their holy grail summer makeup tip. Always remember, if you are in the heat, there’s nothing that can completely stop the sweat and oil production. It’s always safer to layer less so that your skin can breathe. BB or CC creams have a thinner consistency while providing you a sheer coverage. Not just that, it will also help you skip the extra step of moisturizer since it holds moisture retaining complexes.

3) Always set your face.

The only powder products that need to be used in summers is the translucent powder. It gives longevity to your base and enhances the power of keeping your makeup intact. You must also avoid using powder blush and contour products and go for cream-based ones.

4) Invest in waterproof makeup.

The dripping of your eyeliner along with the sweat is common during summers. Time and again, makeup fanatics have relied on this summer makeup tip to ensure hassle-free look. Save your bucks and get your own waterproof makeup products.

5) Go for light makeup.

What would you choose? Applying heavy-duty makeup and having uneven patches all over face? Or keeping it light and lessening the chances of smearing of the makeup?
Obviously, the second one right? Don’t go for anything that’s thick in consistency, may it be lipsticks or your eyeshadow. You can also incorporate lip and cheek stains in your collection since these are creamy products which are light and moisturizer.

Looking clean and oil-free is the best way to enhance your features during summers. Make these summer makeup tips your Bible and don’t go for much experimentation on your big days. Go for sheer coverage and never miss out on sunscreens. You could also invest in a good makeup setting spray since that too will lessen the chances of smudging of the makeup. Looking good and oil-free during summers is no rocket science. All you need to do is follow these makeup tips, lo and behold, you will turn to be the next prettiness personified.


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